Melanie Avon

Laura Higgins/Kate Higgins

Melanie AvonSince completing her training, more years ago than she cares to remember at the Cygnet Training Theatre, Exeter, Melanie Avon has performed to audiences across the length and breadth of Britain.

Favourite roles include Hero in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ (MT Productions), Geraldine Barclay in ‘What The Butler Saw’ (Buckhaven Theatre, Fife), Margaret Cotton in ‘Flowers and Slaves’ (YNTT), Mrs Brown in ‘The Adventures of a Bear Called Paddington’ (Upstage Productions) and Nannerl in ‘My Brother Mozart’, a one-woman play written specifically for Melanie.

She currently teaches drama to primary school age children on a regular basis and was delighted to be able to continue her interest in educational theatre by contributing to the development of ‘Off Her Facebook!