Rob Windsor

Artistic Director

Rob WindsorIn 2009 Rob wrote ‘The Journey’, a comedy drama produced by the Catholic Churches of Salisbury to raise money for Alzheimer’s Disease, which was acted by young people of the deanery. In 2008 and 2009 he wrote and directed three prize winning short plays for the Salisbury Young People’s Festival. He also penned Gospel related light comedy plays for ‘Roots’, an ecumenical and educational monthly magazine and was shortlisted in the Mere Literary Festival in 2006 with his short story,’Bystanderman’ which was a delightful surprise.

Having been interested in people since he was knee high to a bed bug, Rob has encountered a variety of individuals in different and sometimes problematic circumstances. ‘I’m an observer and witness to the joys and troubles of people’s simple and complicated lives’, he explains.

Currently he works part-time night duties at Clouds House Treatment Centre for addictions in East Knoyle, Wiltshire. In 2006 he tried to take time out of nursing and worked with young Catholics then toured with theatre in education company, Ten Ten Theatre, as stage manager for eight months. This gave him great insight and hands-on training for theatre in education.

‘It is vital to be able to take relevant drama directly to the minds of the young and impressionable as well as the old and judgemental. I want to show that addiction is not a willing choice for a way of life, it is an illness and should be recognised as such.’

‘My writings are designed to entertain and educate and most importantly, to be an outreach to those struggling in a situation of fear, anxiety and embarrassment, similar to the characters in my stories. My first drama, ‘Off Her Facebook!‘ is about a family in crisis trying to cope with an alcoholic father. Relationships begin to crumble in the Higgins’ household when Laura’s dad is finally confronted by her mum about his alcohol problem.’

The next performance is scheduled for the Buxton Festival Fringe on 14th/15th July 2012.’

His second drama, ‘Damaged Goods‘ focuses on the risks associated with drug addiction and homelessness:

Jamie runs away from home after a fallout when his stepfather discovers he has used drugs. His life takes a downward spiral as he experiences the hardships of homelessness. Can his only hope really be his belief in angels?

Damaged Goods will be premiered this summer and launches at Ashley Wood Festival on 30th June 2012.

Rob is currently adapting Off Her Facebook! for primary schools.