Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods posterJamie, sixteen, has been spending more time down at the rec with his mates than revising for his GCSE’s.

Life at home is nothing like it should be and he doesn’t feel listened to or valued anymore. The last straw pushes him to run away from home after a major fallout when his stepfather discovers Jamie has used drugs.

Jamie’s life takes a downward spiral as he experiences the hardships of homelessness. He meets Lucy, nineteen and quite the street veteran. Their brief time together comes to an untimely end when the odds begin to stack against them.

Can his only hope really be his belief in angels?

This story broaches the issues many teenagers struggle with, including miscommunication and misunderstandings within families. It also confronts suicide and explores despair and reconciliation, along with drug use.

The horrors associated with living on the street are touched on sensitively in this emotionally charged drama.

As with ‘Off Her Facebook!‘, this story also provides hope and through the aid of workshops can help the audience discuss issues that are truly valid to young people, their families and those responsible for their welfare.