Off Her Facebook!

‘Off Her Facebook!’ primarily concentrates on the effects of alcohol addiction and focuses on the relationships within one family in particular.

The story allows the audience to examine not only addiction, but also the risks associated with:

  • binge drinking in young people;
  • social networking sites;
  • personal safety.

Our story follows a family in crisis as they try to cope with an alcoholic father. We meet eighteen-year-old Laura Higgins and observe her relationship with her dad, Ed, and overview the sense of conflict in the family as they find themselves affected by addiction. Each member has a unique set of issues and Laura avoids facing the core problem by binge drinking herself.

Relationships begin to crumble in the Higgins’ household when Laura’s dad is finally confronted by her mum about his alcohol problem.

The drama allows the audience to explore issues of alcoholism and dangers that are associated with binge drinking, social networking and lack of personal safety awareness. It also explores the issue of communication and love within families.

Whilst the subject matter is of a serious nature there is an overall sense of hope which is explored further through the workshops.

Our story begins with Ed Higgins, Laura’s dad, looking miserable as he waits his turn to speak at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. He is soon joined by Laura…