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Fill Yer Boots!


There’s plenty going on in Rob Windsor’s brain however distant he may look sometimes. While Jo Stroud is busy deciphering Off Her Facebook! and transferring it into the brilliant and exciting graphic novel due out at the end of the year, to coincide with another performance of the Big ‘A’ Trilogy,  he is working on play number 4, Sparrow’s Share, Kate’s song.


That is just too long a sentence to even remember how it began!

Sparrow’s Share fills the gap for the audience and storyteller alike, about what happens to Kate Higgins after Off Her Facebook! We discover that she isn’t quite the stoic, level headed mum and wife we thought she was. She had been using that as a mask to survive… until now.

Help yourself to anything that takes your fancy. Plays, graphic novel, bookings and cheese and biscuits.

I was reading about creative brains and it mentions daydreaming – all researched by scientists – about the value of it for creatives. Now all I need to do is convince those around me that I am busy even with the dilated miles away look!

Daydreaming or at least, pretending to...

Daydreaming or at least, pretending to…