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Chaos Theory!




….the feeling of empathy for others. The emotion that we feel in response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help.

Definitions are always a good start to any waffle aren’t they? At least the reader can then have some initial clarity.

I don’t want to go on or it’ll get boring for you but I might.

Recently I was in the company of a number of people who were unable to show compassion for an individual who wasn’t well. That person was chaotic and causing frustration to others in their company.
What struck me about this was that the group were, or are in a similar position for their families or friends as this lady was to them.

They had been living in chaos and those who love them the most were having to live with that. The very fact that they lacked compassion for this person brought to question that they had not yet addressed their own responsibility to their own disruptive illness and the affects it has on others. Something that is very important in their undertaking.
Acknowledging personal weaknesses is such an important stage in any growth or development of lives or life skills. We can then go on to look at how our behaviours affect others.

Bored yet?

EyeThis is merely a reflection.

Thinking of an adult becoming a parent for the first time. We can all have some knowledge, emotions are naturally there but when that lovely little bundle of joy enters our lives we are flipped into disarray, chaos. We have to accept our vulnerabilities, learn new skills and how to help develop our bundle as well as ourselves and hopefully continue learning and keeping our growing new human safe and well.

Starting a new job, learning new skills, making mistakes. This is a time of chaos. We have to accept  strengths and weaknesses, gain experience and develop work skills.

Is this the same as, maybe, someone in addiction who is trying to recover. Firstly, they have to accept they have an illness, that they have an addiction. Only, through the chaos and coming out the other side can they look at that disruptive state they were in, how they can get well and how they can take a responsibility for others. Are they capable of true compassion whilst in a chaotic state?

For the group I met, maybe that is why this individual was shown compassion only by a few and not the majority. Maybe only the few had addressed their period of chaos and how it was affecting others. Maybe they were the only ones able to…?

I know that the dramas I have written contain all the ingredients of troubled and addicted lives. These tools can help individuals to observe the disruption and conflicts addiction causes to those close to them.

Ask me about Off Her Facebook! Damaged Goods  Gridluck  and Sparrow’s Share or The Big A Trilogy  and look out for the Off Her Facebook! Graphic novel, brilliantly illustrated by the very talented artist Jo Stroud.

The Big ‘A’ Trilogy

Theatre Review: The Big ‘A’ Trilogy by Robert Windsor

By Author Tracey West,
Trustee for NACOA
Patron of WAND

Poster for The Big 'A' Trilogy

I first met Robert Windsor a few years back at Clouds House, a residential treatment centre for addiction nestled in the verdant woods of Wiltshire. In my role as a Trustee of the National Association for Children of Alcoholics, I’d been asked to watch a play he’d written called, ‘Off Her Facebook!‘.

Rob is a night nurse at Clouds, probably one of the country’s most famous addiction centres and it has had some pretty infamous temporary residents; Robbie Williams openly talks about  his time there, getting his life back on track. Continue reading