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Off Her Facebook! Forthcoming graphic novel

Page from OHF! graphic novelI am absolutely delighted to announce a collaboration with myself and the immensely talented graphic artist Jo Stroud. Together, we are producing a graphic novel of Off Her Facebook! a performance play I penned back in 2010.

The story follows a family in crisis as they try to cope with an alcoholic father. The graphic novel presents the entire story of eighteen-year-old Laura Higgins and observes her relationship with her dad, Ed. In glorious colour, it explores the enormous sense of conflict in the family as they find themselves affected by addiction. Each member of the family has a unique set of issues and Laura avoids facing the core problem by binge drinking herself. Relationships begin to crumble in the Higgins’ household when Laura’s dad is finally confronted by her mum about his alcohol problem.

Page from OHF! graphic novelThe drama allows the audience to explore issues of alcoholism and dangers that are associated with binge drinking, social networking and lack of personal safety awareness. It also explores the issue of communication and love within families and does everything through the medium of fabulously drawn images from Jo.

She’s a wonderfully dark artist and I think the content of Off Her Facebook! is a perfect partner to present the play via a unique medium.

For more details of Jo’s work, please visit JoStroud.co.uk.

The publication date will be announced on here in due course but is expected to be towards the back end of 2014.

If you’d like to see a review copy or indeed, if you’d like stock it, please contact Simon West at Magic Oxygen Publishers.

Ongoing news will be posted here as the date draws near!