The drama performance is immediately followed up by a workshop, taking each session to two and a half hours. Morning, afternoon or evening sessions are possible allowing for inclusion of parents, guardians, siblings and governors.

We are able to offer a mission week package which will involve daily division of year groups into morning and afternoon sessions. Mission week packages conclude each day with an evening session for parents, guardians, siblings and governors of that year group.

The benefit of smaller audiences enables participants to engage more intimately and further explore the issues raised in the story. This allows the groups to develop an alternative outcome to our drama.

Our team includes a professional counsellor and two registered nurses, all experienced in the field of addictions. They are available to help as necessary and have access to appropriate services to support staff and children.

We hope to be able to offer an outreach to those families in situations of hopelessness similar to the Higgins family, by working with young people, staff and parents and by helping to break the stigma associated with alcoholism.